African Wildlife

Use the drop-down menu above to learn about some of the wildlife found in Uganda. I have tried to include interesting facts and behavioral information with the hopes that people planning safaris will realize that the cats are not the ONLY interesting animals out there! As I have the time, I will add more species to this site.

You will be richly rewarded if you spend some time watching herds of antelopes to try to determine dominance hierarchies, watching mixed groupings of animals to see the ways that they interact cross-species, and even watching a grouping (called a “tower”) of giraffes to see if you can determine genders just by observing where they are feeding in the acacia trees.

In many of the animal accounts, the basic information is at the beginning presented in an informal way.  For those wanting to go a bit deeper into the behaviors, read down in the “Detailed Information” section, which has a lot of information from The Behavior Guide to African Mammals and a few other sources, all referenced in the text.

Much of the technical information about the animals came from an incredible resource written by Richard Estes.  This book is a must if you want to dive more deeply into the behaviors of African wildlife:

Estes, R. (1991). The Behavior Guide to African Mammals. Berkeley, CA:  The University of California Press.

The rest of the information is from my own observations, information shared with me by guides at various national parks, and the occasional website.  Many of the photos are mine, but if you notice one in the animal accounts that really catches your attention, it is probably from the amazing collection by my father-in-law, Charles Steinberg.




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