What past participants have said about their trip to Uganda…

Mark, I have taken some wonderful trips through the years. Over time I have come to see what I especially like about each one. All trips had great things about it, along with some disappointments. The description of the BFL trip included so very many of what makes a trip memorable for me that I found it hard to believe; I had to read it all again. I was ready to sign up immediately. And I was not disappointed in any way, no disappointments at all. Each and every great opportunity listed was there just for the taking. When I got home, many people asked me, “How was the trip?” My answer: “Without peer!” Each time I talk about the trip my enthusiasm is remarkable to my listeners, so many months after the fact. Just today I was asked again. When there is time for only a sentence or two I find I explain this was a trip of participation not just observation; that is the difference, I think. My alternate one-word response is quoting the announcement with the very welcome news “This is not a luxury trip.” Alice, 2008

This was a life changing trip for me. Mark is a gifted leader with excellent people skills, a fund of knowledge and the rare combination of laid back and responsible. The Ugandan people are like none other that I have ever met. Despite extreme poverty they are joyful, generous, contactful and an inspiration to be around. Don’t miss this trip! Joanne, 2008

I was fortunate to travel to Uganda with Mark and Bead for Life in March, 2008. I heard the phrase, “life changing experience,” frequently as I planned for this huge adventure. Well, that is what it was for me. The itinerary for our trip was a wonderful mixture of hands on involvement and cultural tourism. Mark made sure we came away from Uganda with a sense of its culture, its strife and its hope. I felt we made true personal connections with people, which was my primary goal in making the trip. I am still in touch with a young woman I was able to sponsor in vocational training and a young man who taught me to build brick and mortar walls in Friendship Village. Bead for Life has found a formula for changing the lives of Ugandan women and their families. Meeting these women, dancing with them and visiting them in their homes changed me forever. I will go back – I have more to learn from Uganda. Celia, 2008

Mark did a fantastic job with the planning and ultimately the day-to-day organization for our Bead for Life trip to Uganda. The days were balanced and planned with just enough activities so as not to overwhelm, the variety of dinners was fun and exciting, and having such knowledge of the country and people, he adapted to any change that was necessary. I would highly recommend an  adventure with Mark anytime! Karen, 2013

The trip far exceeded my expectations. Mark knows how to navigate in Uganda, we were most welcome everywhere we went! 2013

The Conservation Concepts Uganda Tour for me was a life-changing experience. It was a smorgasbord of experiences and each morsel tickled my palate and not in the culinary sense but in the life-experience sense. The way you know you have enjoyed an experience is when someone ask you would you do it again and my answer would be without hesitation YES, I would take the Ugandan Tour with Conservation Concepts again! Debe, 2014

Going to Uganda with Mark was an awesome experience and far exceeded any expectations I had about the trip. Alongside safaris, chip trekking, and Nile River cruises, we had the opportunity to spend time in an amazing orphanage, to see how a local grassroots non-profit (Bead for Life) functions in the capital city as well as in remote villages to help women rise from poverty, and to sit in a great story teller’s tobacco-drying hut to learn about traditional Ugandan marriages. This trip led us into experiences we would not have had the opportunity to have as solo travelers – it was extremely inspirational, eye-opening, educational, and fun! I am so grateful I had the chance to go and highly recommend it to others! ~Meghan, 2014