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Have you dreamed of visiting Africa but want a more authentic experience than looking at it through the window of an air-conditioned bus? Do you want to connect, one-on-one, with people who are actively working to lift themselves out of poverty and ask them what their lives are like? Do you want to see East Africa’s classic wildlife in a spectacular landscape bisected by the River Nile?

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On Safari in Murchison Falls

My philosophy around trip leading is simple:  Set up interactions between travelers and Ugandans and then get out of the way. While living in Uganda for the first time in 2004-2005 to do my fieldwork for my Masters in Conservation Education, I was continually amazed by how wonderful the people of Uganda are. I started this company so that I could provide the opportunity for others to immerse themselves in this place.

My trips are not “sugarcoated” experiences. My goal is to create a supportive environment to allow you to push your cultural and emotional comfort zones and see the world in a new way. Africa is complex, and that’s what these trips are all about.  What if saving endangered wildlife means farmers can’t feed their children?  What if free AIDS medications don’t help because they make people who can’t afford food hungrier than they already are?  Be ready to dive into these issues and more.

These are not luxury trips, so bring your sense of humor and your flexibility! We will have modest but comfortable accommodations, eat local food and have opportunities to see the diverse lifestyles of the Ugandan people. Evenings will be a time to debrief about our experiences, share stories, and reflect. Come prepared for a group experience—including living, eating and traveling with the other trip members. Flexibility is a must as we interact with the Ugandan culture and embrace a slower pace, IMG_4009new languages and the unexpected joys of traveling in another country. Sometimes the best adventures come when the unexpected happens!

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